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[19'  |  2022]


Best Experimental Short Film Award  - 70th Melbourne International Film Festival, MIFF

Gold Hugo Award - Best Documentary Short - 58th Chicago International Film Festival

Ammodo Tiger Short Award  - 51st International Film Festival Rotterdam, IFFR 

Best Visual Concept Award  - 12th Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, BIEFF

Best International Short Film Award - 29th l'Alternativa Cinema Independent de Barcelona

Best Short Film - 15th Archivio Aperto, Bologna

Jury statement at 70th MIFF:

Jacques Rivette once asked, “What is cinema but the play of the actor and the actress, of the hero and the décor, of the word and the face, of the hand and the object?” If this rhetorical question points to a deep truth about the nature of the medium, then Maryam Tafakory’s poetic and quietly forceful found-footage collage is pure cinema. Taking the symbolically loaded exchanges between men and women in post-Revolutionary film as its starting point (physical contact onscreen is strictly forbidden by Iranian censors), Nazarbazi is a stirring reflection on desire, sensation, absence, control, freedom, and love.

Jury statement at 51st IFFR:

“An exceptionally skillful film, through the way it translates rigorous research into a convincing dramaturgical experience. The filmmaker managed to capture an argument into a piece of poetry – a seamless collage crafted with directorial intelligence and a seemingly effortless fluidity in both text and image. A film that seductively interrogates responses to censorship and suppression.”

Jury statement at 58th Chicago International Film Festival:

Maryam Tafakory’s Nazarbazi re-presents a cinematic history as a method for examining the present. The film adeptly mines a wellspring of found footage media to demonstrate the tension between sound and silence, needs and wants, and the ability to fulfill them.


MoMA Doc Fortnight

True/False Film Festival

RIDM, Montréal

TIFF [Wavelength], Toronto 

70th MIFF, Melbourne

30th Curtas Vila do Conde IFF

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin

Costa Rica International Film Festival, San José

Frames of Representation, ICA London

39th Kasseler Dokfest


by Mike Hoolboom

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by Mahan Moalemi


by Kevin B. Lee


by Namrata Joshi

National Herald

by Elhum Shakerifar

words sketched onto the night’s taut skin

by Ben Nicholson

Film Verdict 

by Flavia Dima

Films in Frame

By José Sarmiento Hinojosa



by James Prestridge: 50 Best Short Films Of 2022

Close Up Culture

by Dagmara Genda

Berlin Art Link


Nazarbazi [the play of glances] is a film about love and desire in Iranian cinema where depictions of intimacy and touch between women and men are prohibited.


The film focuses primarily on images of women whose bodies have been erased and victimised in post-revolution cinema, and alludes to discreet forms of communication that operate within, yet also circumnavigate the censors. It attempts to touch the spaces we cannot touch; inner feelings/sensations – but also untouchability beyond physical contact: unspoken prohibitions/regulators that may only unveil as embodied experiences. The film uses poetry and silence as the only language/s with which we can attempt to touch these spaces of socio-political ambiguities.



by Catherine Grant 

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by Ben Nicholson


by Flavia Dima

By José Sarmiento Hinojosa


by Namrata Joshi


By Daniel Montesinos  



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